Bathing in Church

bath in churchBathe in church? That’s exactly what God commanded his priests to do. Right in front of the congregation, they had to let Moses wash them completely, head to toe!  Why? Because to enter God’s service, we have to be clean in body, soul, and spirit. (Exodus 29:4)

God hates sin, and cannot tolerate it in his presence. And not because he’s a kill-joy, as many seem to think. He hates it because he made us in his own image so we could glorify him. And we can’t do this when we sin, because sin doesn’t glorify anything, except evil. 

But also because he loves us, and wants only good for us. He sees sin for the harmful evil it is, and he wants to keep us from harming both ourselves and others.

They also had to sacrifice a bull to cancel their sins. And as a way of showing what an abhorrent, harmful evil sin is, the animal’s carcass had to be thrown out of the camp. They were not even allowed to keep it near them! (Exodus 29:14) And in this, there is a lesson for us.

Aren’t you grateful we don’t have to kill a bull to wipe out our sins? Nor do we have to be bathed in front of the church! But that would be so humiliating, it would probably make us think twice before sinning again!

Thankfully, Christ dealt with our sin on the cross. Yet, he wants us to keep ourselves free from sin. And that is what we sometimes fail to do. Instead of throwing the things that tempt us out of the camp, we keep them near, pretending that we’re making progress. Assuring ourselves that one day victory will come.

I don’t know what particular sin seems to cling to you. Maybe it’s visiting wrong sites on the web, or shopping and spending money you can’t afford (or don’t even have). But whatever it is, it could be keeping you from entering more fully into Christ’s Life, and being used by him.

The solution is simple. Painless, no. Simple, yes. Throw it out of the camp. Shopping and internet connections are not essential for Life, but purity before God is!

We must get rid of everything that slows us down, especially the sin that just won’t let go. And we must be determined to run the race that is ahead of us. — Hebrews 12:1

Isn’t it great that all we have to do is throw it far from us, and not kill animals, or be bathed in front of everyone?!

Image via: Nemo

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7 thoughts on “Bathing in Church

  1. Sheila, now you’ve gone to preaching!! Great message. I’m thankful that He’s gracious while our sanctification is in process. Have a great day my Italian Friend?😀

    1. Well, I don’t know about preaching! I just try to share whatever thoughts come to me in my daily reading. And the Lord’s words are sometimes hard, but it must be that’s what I needed today! Our day has been great, hope your afternoon will be too!

      1. Thank you. I was only teasing you. I’m currently at the dentist office with a granddaughter getting her braces removed. Great day for her. Poppie runs grand kids around a lot these days. I appreciate you. Talk to you soon.

      2. Don’t worry, I knew you were teasing! I just hope people will see the positive side of my “sermon posts”, because loving and obeying God is so wonderful!

        Count it a blessing to be able to run the grandkids around! Our daughter’s 4 live about 5 hours from us. And our son’s 5 live in Texas. That ocean between us is immense. Having them close by must be bliss!

      3. It is great. I have 13 within 7 miles. One lives in Oregon. We are very involved in their lives. Do you do Face Time or Skype with any of yours? We do with the Oregon kids.

      4. Well, I have to admit to my technological ignorance. Had to google Face Time to see what it is! We don’t have (by choice) any smart phones, so no. We’ve tried Skype & do it occasionally with our son’s family, but the connection isn’t too great or something, because it doesn’t come in too good.

        Actually, our daughter & family just moved a few months ago; they’d been living next door for the past 4 years. We miss them so much, and the grandkids are trying to adjust too.

        But we cherish the years we had them close, and are grateful we can see them fairly easily. And we doubly cherish the rare trips to Texas to see Enzo and family.

        It’s not always easy, but God gives grace, and we rest in the fact that they’re all well and right where they should be for now. God is good!

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