One Noisy Sunday!

the Lord is good

Remember to take time out to

This Sunday (and all week-end) will be noiser than usual. Our daughter and family (who live 5 hours from here) are here for a visit! And out-of-town friends, as well—some of those ‘other kids’ we’re always talking about! The Lord is good, so do make time for him!!

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3 thoughts on “One Noisy Sunday!

    1. It’s noisy for sure, Levi! The friends have departed already, as they wanted to get home in time for the Sun. evening church service (in the Lazio region). It was so great seeing them, and good that our daughter was down for the weekend, because they hadn’t seen each other in years! We used to pastor the church they and our kids grew up in, but then our daughter went to the USA to study, which she didn’t do, because she decided her calling was to be a mom, and she’s a great one! Far, far better than I ever was. I was a mess as a mother–we had too much baggage from our old lives. But through God’s grace, we’ve got two fabulous kids! At any rate, they’re still here, though they leave tomorrow. Today is Flag Day here, and a national holiday! And we’re loving the noise, and dirty floors, etc.!!

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