Happy Repeat Day!


Tomorrow, June 3, is one of those unusual, little-known holidays. It’s Repeat Day. Tomorrow is repeat day. Yep, the day to repeat things. You heard that right. The day to repeat things. To be truthful, I think this is a pretty strange holiday, and actually a little annoying. 

So I’m not suggesting that you repeat everything you do and say, especially if you come to our house! But repetition is a great way to learn, and a good way to reinforce things we’ve known, but perhaps forgotten. And because we tend to forget, we need to repeat the Scriptures to ourselves. Otherwise these important truths can easily get pushed to the side by the stress, trials, and busyness of everyday life.

So let’s use Repeat Day as a starting point for repeating God’s Word over and over, to help us obey it and keep it in our hearts. We can never repeat Scripture too many times!

How do you memorize Scripture?
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6 thoughts on “Happy Repeat Day!

    1. I’d never heard of it. There are lots of odd holidays out there, and for some odd reason, they intrigue me. But then, I am a little odd, not to be repetitive… ;)

  1. I’ve never heard of Repeat Day. My kids would have a blast with this holiday but would probably annoy everyone around them. Scripture memorization is definitely a more profitable way to apply this holiday.

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