God’s Love In a Kitten


“She brought it out just so we could see it!” my little grandson cried, before promptly bursting into tears. It pretty much amused me, and I thought, “How cute!”

But you know? I think he was right! Our daughter lived next door to us with her husband and four children for the past four years, before moving to northern Italy a couple of months ago. Sadly, they had to leave their newly acquired kitten behind, which was especially hard for our 7-year old grandson. He loves animals, and his fondest dream, actually, is that of one day having his own dog. In the few months they had that cat, it managed to worm pretty deeply into his heart. 

We’re grateful for kind neighbors who took the kitten in, as with all our traveling, we couldn’t. But I think that cat actually felt it belonged to us as well as the neighbors. She seemed to link us to her previous owners, and has remained quite attached to us.

Having been raised on a farm, I’ve been around cats and kittens all my life, and I have to say I’ve never seen anything like that cat today. The kids were getting ready to go, packing up the car, cleaning up the house, etc., and I think Lunetta (little moon) sensed that they were leaving, because about an hour before they left, she brought her kitten out of hiding.

I’d guess it was only about 4-5 days old, as its little paws were still pinkish and kind of translucent. It’s already pretty odd for a cat to bring her kittens out that early, but she also let us all gather around, pet, and pick it up! She was vigilant, yet calm, and rolling around on the ground, stretching and preening, as though saying, “Look what I did! See what I brought you?”

Well, the kids had to go, so we started down the street toward their car, and the mamma cat started following us, crying. She went but a short distance, as she obviously had to stay near her kitten, but she remained there, crying. Almost as though she were asking, “Where you going? You just got here!”

By the time we got back to the house, after a few rounds of hugs and kisses, and tears, she’d taken the kitten back into hiding. She’d done her duty, and let her old family see the new addition. She’d gotten to show off, and there was no sense in exposing her baby to further danger.

I’ve been thinking about this since then, and I think my grandson was right. Lunetta wanted to let her family see the kitten. And God wanted to give the kids a special gift, a special hug of love. They’ve had a hard time adjusting to being away from us, and away from the town they’d grown to love. The town where, as our 5-year old granddaughter puts it, “Where everyone knows us.”

My heart was breaking, but not even so much because, once again, our kids are far from us. We know that’s in God’s plan for now, and his grace really is enough. But because, just as our kids had to, our grandkids are giving up so much for the family’s choice of following God wholeheartedly.

It was hard for the kids to move away from us, and on top of it to leave their pet. It may seem little to us big people, but to little people these things are big matters. And God knows this. He sees. He cares. And he brings little, and sometimes most unlikely, condolences. Like mamma cats bringing kittens out of hiding far too early.

It made the kid’s day! And it consoled our hearts, because we can rest assured that just as he has always cared for us, he will also care for our kids and their families!

Place all your trust in him—for he cares for you in the same way!!

[Image via: susisorglos089]

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3 thoughts on “God’s Love In a Kitten

  1. Great story Sheila and, very well written. Some of the best gifts God gives us are so simple and yet much loved when we aren’t even expecting them. Have a nice evening over there. Lord bless you!!!

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